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“Nutritionally-correct vitamin A-enriched food can be
produced at a very affordable price”
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Bangladesh Development Research Working Paper Series (BDRWPS)
Provides some research for discussion, it is open for submissions to all interested in Bangladesh development
research issues of Bangladesh (subject to some quality standards)

Children of Bangladesh
Provides information related to children in Bangladesh via four websites:
  • the task's main website;
  • ten facts about children in Bangladesh;
  • a snapshot about child labor in Bangladesh;
  • some organizations that help children in Bangladesh; and
  • recent literature on children in Bangladesh

Jute - Golden Fiber
Recognizing 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibers, the Bangladesh Development Research Center (BDRC)
presents "Jute — Bangladesh’s Golden Fiber of the Past, also in the Future?"

Publications of the Moment
Provides lists of recent literature related to international days or events.

Features (hot topics)
Provides some information on an issue highlighted and/or debated within the development community.

Floating Schools
Provides information on Bangladesh's solar powered floating schools and on an outstanding feature documentary film,
currently in production: EASY LIKE WATER.
Current BDRC Tasks
(BDRC tasks are a combination of BDRC research and BDRC projects)
Tommy Miah, eminent Bangladeshi-British super chef and ICDDR,B Goodwill Ambassador