Bangladesh Development
Research Center (BDRC)
Mohammad A. Razzaque, Economic Advisor, Commonwealth Secretariat  
In: Dynamic Products in South-South Trade: Issues for Policy Makers (16 October 2007) (pdf)  
“Identifying a sector with a scope of large employment is
appealing from poverty reduction point of view. But, if wrongly
targeted, it might have worse consequences.”
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Aid and Debt
Analyzes the implications of alternative sources and levels of development finance
and their implications on debt sustainability and sustainable development in Bangladesh.

Climate Change
Includes four areas/topics:
  • research on climate change adaptation policies of Bangladesh,
  • research on climate change vulnerability in Bangladesh,
  • research on the impact of development on CO2 emissions, and
  • a regularly updated annotated bibliography on climate change and Bangladesh (jointly with the Climate
    Change Cell of the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh).

Bangladesh's Development Strategy
  • Evaluates the advantages and disadvantages of some alternative development strategies.
  • Makes suggestions on the optimal mix of alternative development strategies.
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