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Bangladesh Development Bibliography
provides the World’s Largest Bibliography on Bangladesh Development Studies and Reports published in
this Millennium.  
We also provide suggestions for how to find Bangladesh related development  literature published
before 2000 (including some links and lists). Furthermore, recognizing some international days/events, the BDRC
provides lists of recent
publications related to international days/events and Bangladesh.
Finally, the BDRC provides (jointly with the Climate Change Cell of the Government of the People's Republic of
Bangladesh) a regularly updated
annotated bibliography on climate change and Bangladesh.

Resources for Researchers
provides a series of references to resources for researchers, including
lists of / links to:

Bangladesh's Ranking and Progress (with regards to International Indices)
provides information on Bangladesh’s ranking with regards to approx. 25 international indices, like
Transparency International’s corruption perceptions index and the World Bank’s doing business index

Bangladesh Development Researchers
provides the names & short profiles of persons who have (co-)authored and/or (co-)edited the largest number of
studies/reports within this Millennium. Also provides a list of the most popular Bangladeshi development researchers
and lists of economists based on the
IDEAS/RePEc database

provides lists of / links to:
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