Bangladesh Development
Research Center (BDRC)
a) Need help?

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b) Want to get involved?
If you want to get involved with us, the best way for us to get to know you is that you submit
a research paper for our Development Research Working Paper Series, see some examples
and guidelines for potential authors at:

Please note that the Bangladesh Development Research Center (BDRC) is a relatively small
research center in the United States.
We do not have any paid employees. All of our
researchers volunteer their time to the BDRC as they are typically working full-time, like as
professors or development professionals. We are not doing any projects. All we do is
undertaking and disseminating development research relevant for Bangladesh; and we post
all that on the BDRC websites.

c) BDRC Contact Person in Dhaka, Bangladesh:  

Dr. A. F. M. Ataur Rahman
Associate Professor, Department of Economics
North South University
12 Kemal Ataturk Avenue, Banani, Dhaka 1213, Bangladesh  

At times BDRC researchers are present in Bangladesh, they can be reached at:
Tel.: (+880) 191 68 20 115 (mobile).
There are currently no BDRC researchers in Bangladesh.
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