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Publications of the Moment

Recognizing April 7, 2012 as
World Health Day
the BDRC provides
a list of recent developmental
publications related to
health issues in Bangladesh
  • Azziz-Baumgartner, E.; Alamgir, A. S. M.; Rahman, M.; Homaira, N.; Sohel, B. M.; Yushuf Sharker, M. A.;
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  • Cherry, N.; C. Mcdonald; and Z. Chowdhury(2012) Zinc in well water and infant mortality in Bangladesh:
    A report from gonoshasthaya kendra; International Journal of Environmental Research and Public
    Health, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp. 171-177.
  • Chisti, Mohammod J.; Trevor Duke; Colin F. Robertson; Tahmeed Ahmed; Abu S. G. Faruque; Hasan
    Ashraf; Sophie La Vincente; Pradip K. Bardhan; and Mohammed A. Salam(2012) Clinical predictors
    and outcome of hypoxaemia among under-five diarrhoeal children with or without pneumonia in an urban
    hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh; Tropical Medicine and International Health, Vol. 17, No. 1 (January), pp.
  • Gayen, T. K.; Gayen, K.; Raeside, R.; Elliott, L. (2012) Cohesive subgroups and drug user networks in
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  • Giasuddin, N. A.; Chowdhury, N. F.; Hashimoto, N.; Fujisawa, D.; Waheed, S. (2012) Pathways to
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  • Haque, U.; Hashizume, M.; Kolivras, K. N.; Overgaard, H. J.; Das, B.; Yamamoto, T. (2012) Reduced
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  • Islam, A. and P. Maitra(2012) Health shocks and consumption smoothing in rural households: Does
    microcredit have a role to play?; Journal of Development Economics, Vol. 97, No. 2 (March), pp. 232-
  • Kabir, I.; Khanam, M.; Agho, K. E.; Mihrshahi, S.; Dibley, M. J.; Roy, S. K. (2012) Determinants of
    inappropriate complementary feeding practices in infant and young children in Bangladesh: Secondary
    data analysis of Demographic Health Survey 2007; Maternal and Child Nutrition, Vol. 8 SUPPL. 1, pp.
  • Kabir, M. A.; Huq, M. N.; Al-Amm, A. Q.; Alam, G. M. (2012) Community participation on health and
    family planning programs in Bangladesh: The role of education and knowledge on HFP for plummeting
    pharmaceutical costing; International Journal of Pharmacology, Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 10-20.
  • Khatun, S.; Akram Hussain, S. M.; Chowdhury, S.; Ferdous, J.; Hossain, F.; Begum, S. R.; Jahan, M.;
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    papillomavirus-16/18 as04 adjuvant cervical cancer vaccine: A randomized controlled trial in healthy
    adolescent girls of Bangladesh; Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology, Vol. 42, No. 1, pp. 36-41.
  • Kippler, M.; Tofail, F.; Gardner, R.; Rahman, A.; Hamadani, J.; Bottai, M.; Vahter, M. (2012) Maternal
    cadmium exposure during pregnancy and size at birth: A prospective cohort study; Environmental Health
    Perspectives, Vol. 120, No. 2, pp. 284-289.
  • Local Government Division, Ministry of Local Government, GoB(2012) Urban Primary Health Care
    Services Delivery Project; Manila, The Philippines: Asian Development Bank (ADB), Resettlement
    Framework (draft of April).
  • Milojevic, A.; Armstrong, B.; Hashizume, M.; McAllister, K.; Faruque, A.; Yunus, M.; Kim Streatfield, P.;
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  • Minak, J.; Kabir, M.; Mahmud, I.; Liu, Y.; Liu, L.; Haque, R.; and W. A. Petri Jr(2012) Evaluation of rapid
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  • Mondal, D.; Minak, J.; Alam, M.; Liu, Y.; Dai, J.; Korpe, P.; Liu, L.; Haque, R.; and W. A. Petri Jr(2012)
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  • Monira, S.; Haque, A.; Muhit, A.; Sarker, N. C.; Alam, A. H. M. K.; Rahman, A. A.; Khondkar, P. (2012)
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  • Moniruzzaman, Monir(2012) "Living Cadavers" in Bangladesh: Bioviolence in the Human Organ Bazaar;
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    140, No. 3, pp. 500-509.
  • Rahman, M. A.; Spurrier, N.; Mahmood, M. A.; Rahman, M.; Choudhury, S. R.; Leeder, S. (2012) Is there
    any association between use of smokeless tobacco products and coronary heart disease in
    Bangladesh?; PLoS ONE, Vol. 7, No. 1, Article No. e30584.
  • Rahman, M. I.; Salam, M. A.; Faisal Alam, K. M.; Begum, N. (2012) Evaluation of diagnostic indices of
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  • World Bank (2012) Health, Nutrition, and Population Sector Development Program Project;
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