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Publications of the Moment

Recognizing May 3, 2010 as
World Press Freedom Day
the BDRC provides
three recent publications related to
press freedom and Bangladesh

  • Anam, Mahfuz (2007) The genesis of press freedom in Bangladesh: How media can
    foster development – Challenges, Opportunities and way forward, Dhaka,
    Bangladesh: UNDP Bangladesh, Policy Dialogue, No. 7 (February 27).

  • International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) (2005) Speaking out Makes of
    You a Target -- Human Rights Defenders and Journalists at Risk, Paris, France:
    International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) (June).

  • Shahiduzzaman, Md. (2007) Right to Freedom of the Press and Information, in:
    Human Rights in Bangladesh 2006 (Dhaka, Bangladesh: Ain o Salish Kendra
    (ASK)), pp. 67-79 (Chapter 6).
The BDRC also provides a selected list of
Bangladeshi newspapers.