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Major Jute Events

International Conference on
Prospects of Jute & Kenaf as Natural Fibres
to be held at the Bangladesh-China Friendship Conference Centre, Dhaka (8-9. February 2009)
organized by the International Jute Study Group

Workshop on Jute Geo-textiles in Bangladesh
held in Dhaka (2. June 2008)

Jute Workshop
held in Hyderabad, India (18-19 November 2004)
Recommendations [you will need MS Word to view this website/document]

United Nations Jute Conference on Jute and Jute Products (pdf)
held in Geneva, Switzerland (12-13 March 2001)
the Bangladesh Development Research Center (BDRC)


Bangladesh’s Golden Fiber of the Past,
also in the Future?
Recognizing 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibers