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Research Center (BDRC)
“Bangladesh has a good story to tell the global audience, a story
of positive social transformation and development reforms and
innovative changes through ideas that have evolved domestically”
Iftekhar Ahmed Chowdhury (January 21, 2008)  
[Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Ministry of Expatriates' Welfare & Overseas Employment;
2007-2008 Caretaker Government]

Developmental Organizations

a) Excluding government agencies, there are more than 500 developmental
organizations in Bangladesh

Some of the most prominent (non-governmental, non-international) developmental
organizations/networks of Bangladesh are:

b) For the 32 Bangladesh-based representatives of bilateral and multilateral
donors, please see:

c) Organizations Outside Bangladesh
Excluding the many bilateral and multilateral donors and aid organizations, some of the organizations
specifically related to Bangladesh development issues are:

Note: Like the BDRC, most of these organizations provide links to broader resources & information about
Bangladesh, for example, the BDI provides:  
Resources on Bangladesh on the Web
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