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Research Center (BDRC)
“Inclusiveness in the policy discourse
requires the widest possible access to
information and knowledge”
Rehman Sobhan, Adapted from CPD’s Chairman's Message  
Further Information on the BDRC's Bangladesh Development Bibliography
In addition to the typical economic literature, we also include selectively publications from the fields like
agriculture, education, environment, health, science and technology. The BDRC may also provide specific
literature reviews on Bangladesh development issues upon request.

The BDRC acknowledges the very useful information obtained from many sources, of which the most
important sources for compiling and updating this bibliography are the websites and publication catalogs of
many Bangladeshi research organizations and think tanks, as well as the websites of international
organizations, publishers, and knowledge centers.

The BDRC's Bangladesh Development Bibliography provides:
  • author(s)’ / editor(s)' name(s);
  • publication year
  • title (and subtitle) of book, report, journal article, etc.;
  • publication details (e.g., for books: city, country and publisher).

While possible copyright issues do not allow us to provide further details, further information can in most
cases be found by searching the exact publication title provided in this bibliography via the usual search
engines. You may also find full articles of some Bangladeshi journals at:
Bangladesh Online Research Network (BORN), an online Knowledge Center brought to you by D.Net.
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Bangladesh Development Bibliography  
The line above links to a Microsoft© Excel file with a list of books,
journal articles, working papers, reports, etc. published in this
Millennium (since January 1, 2000).

As of January 1. 2017, this Bibliography contained more than 29,000 publications.
This bibliography will be updated regularly as new publications become available.