Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Lecture, Oslo, December 10, 2006  
“Poverty is a Threat to Peace”
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Conference for Research on Climate Change in Bangladesh
The Gobeshona Conference for Research on Climate Change in Bangladesh will take place
at the Independent University, Bangladesh (IUB) in Dhaka from January 7-11, 2015.
October 17, 2014:  BDRC recognizes International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
Recognizing International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, October 17, 2014, the BDRC
provides a list of recent publications related to poverty eradication in Bangladesh.
October 16, 2014:  BDRC recognizes World Food Day
Recognizing World Food Day 2014, the BDRC provides a list of recent publications related
to food security in Bangladesh.
October 10, 2014: Seminar Focuses on Importance of Sino Bangla Relations
The Bangladesh Cultural Academy Foundation organized a seminar on the “Rise of China
and Sino Bangla Relation” at which Qu Guangzhou, charge d' affairs of the Chinese
embassy, said that his country has become one of Bangladesh's important trade partners,
and that the Chinese government encourages export of Bangladeshi goods to China.
September 12, 2014: Next development plan targets growth, empowering citizens
The Daily Star reports that Bangladesh’s next five-year plan aims to boost economic growth
and empower citizens as part of the government's long-term vision of eliminating poverty
and making Bangladesh a middle-income country.
September 8, 2014: BDRC recognizes International Literacy Day
Recognizing September 8, 2014 as International Literacy Day, the BDRC provides a list of
recent publications related to literacy in Bangladesh.
August 27, 2014: Latest Bangladesh Poverty Maps Launched
The Bangladesh Poverty Maps 2010, which are the third generation of poverty maps in
Bangladesh, were launched today. These maps are an important statistical instrument for
estimating the poverty incidence up to sub-district (upazila) levels. The poverty mapping
exercises show that Rangpur and Barisal Divisions have the highest incidence of poverty
while Chittagong and Sylhet division have the lowest. The maps were developed in a joint
exercise by the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS), the World Bank and the United
Nations World Food Programme (WFP).
August 21, 2014: New World Bank framework may open floodgates of potentially
devastating impact on indigenous people
In an Op-ed of the Daily Star, the Executive Director of Transparency International
Bangladesh criticized the World Bank for weakening its Safeguard Policies and Environment
and Social Framework.  
AABEA Biennial Convention to be held on November 15 2014
The American Association of Bangladeshi Engineers and Architects (AABEA) will hold its
next Biennial Convention on November 15, 2014, at Sheraton Hotel, Anaheim, California,
focusing on Economic Trends & Industrialization.
August 9, 2014: BDRC recognizes International Day of the World’s Indigenous
Recognizing August 9, 2014 as International Day of the World’s Indigenous People the
BDRC provides a list of recent publications related to indigenous people in Bangladesh and
some links to resources, recent news and additional information.
July 22, 2014: UK’s PM meets with Bangladesh’s PM in London
The Prime Ministers spoke about eliminating child marriage, January’s Bangladesh election,
development goals and the Bangladeshi diaspora.
June 5, 2014: BDRC recognizes World Environment Day 2014
Recognizing World Environment Day 2014 (June 5), the BDRC provides a list of recent
developmental publications related to Bangladesh’s environment.
May 29, 2014: Bangladesh has one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratios in the world
As stated in the IMF Press Release on the IMF Executive Board Completing the Fourth
Review Under the Extended Credit Facility Arrangement for Bangladesh: “Bangladesh has
one of the lowest tax-to-GDP ratios in the world, and it is critical to strengthen revenues so
as to broaden fiscal space for priority development spending, while resisting pressures to
provide further tax benefits. Implementation of the new VAT remains the foremost priority,
complemented by reforms to strengthen revenue administration.” Bangladesh’s record is of
course also related to the fact that the government’s share in the Bangladeshi economy is
May 26, 2014: Bangladesh should embrace English
In a Daily Star Op-ed, Fakhruddin Ahmed writes that Bangladesh should embrace English.
Since the English-speaking world is on a roll, it is in Bangladesh's interest to throw in its lot
with them, technologically speaking, rather than fight them.

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